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PLUS+1 for Q² Generation Forklift Drucken

Modernisation of the complete hydraulic traction drive with PLUS+1 and DP200 display from DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS.

Service period: 2014
Customer: BULMOR industries GmbH (Perg/Austria)
Hydraulic data: 78 cm², 100 cm³ or 130 cm³ / revolution pump, closed loop system, POCLAIN radial piston pump with up to 1048 cm³ / revolution, max. working pressure 420 bar

Project description:

  • Hydrostatic traction drive for sideloaders incl. DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS on-board drive electronics, and customer specific programmed DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS mobile display with integrated control unit
  • Online ACTUAL visualisation of the complete hydrostatic traction drive and diesel engine state via SAE J1939 CAN (engine information centre)
  • Diesel particle filter regeneration and fault management via user specific access level in the display unit

Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit for Emergency Cable Car Drive - Grünberg Drucken

As part of the modernisation of the Grünberg cable car in Gmunden, a complete overhaul of the main and emergency drives was undertaken.

Project description:

  • Two large cabins each with a capacity of 60+1 passengers
  • Operating (incline) length: 2025.46 m
  • Height differential: 550.89 m
  • Diesel engine incl. frame with 129 kW drive power
  • After starting, automatic ramp-up of the diesel engine from idle to full operating speed
  • DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS closed circuit, high pressure variable displacement axial piston pump
    (controlled by a SIEMENS control unit in the driver's cab)
  • Hydraulic joystick for emergency operation in the machine room
  • Open brake circuit pump (as soon as the operating speed of the diesel engine increases due to a lack of
    braking power, the system is automatically and gently brought to a halt by hydraulic means using a proportional pressure limiting valve)
  • REGGIANA RIDUTTORI planetary gearhead in cable car design and DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS axial piston fixed displacement motor (engaged in the cable car sprocket during emergency operation)
  • The new Grünberg cable car entered public operation on 14/06/2014

Hyundai Rotem, Incheon-Line Drucken

Fire fighting with High Pressure Water Mist

2003, South Korea: In the underground of Daeung, the fourth largest city in the country, it comes to the worst disaster in the world history of metros - a fire which leads to hundreds of deaths and injuries.

Late reaction with efficient implementation.

Consequently, the installation of a High Pressure Water Mist System in the construction of the Incheon Line was decided. To prevent future disasters, each wagon was designed as separate unit with a separate supply, diverter valve and four nozzle heads. Detection takes place by smoke detectors and the alarm signal is transmitted directly to the driver of the train that triggers the fire fighting system manually.

Performance period: 2006-2012 Incheon Line 1/2
Customer: Hyundai Rotem



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Hybrid Valve Block for Harvester Traction Winch Drucken

This is a hybrid valve block specially developed for the forestry industry. It consists of a DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS PVG32 proportional valve, combined with a COMATROL-HIC block. The subsystem designed by HAINZL combines the main functionality of the proportional control system with the cost effective and space saving design of the cartridge block technique. In addition, the entire system comprises customised HAINZL mobile control which, according to expert opinion, has become one of the most efficient harvester traction winches on the market.

Control System for Forestry Cabin Cranes Drucken

HAINZL developed a standalone electro-hydraulic control system for forestry cranes. This system is used in forestry cabin cranes. The major benefit of the new steering system is the time saved during assembly, commissioning and service, due to the customer friendly Plug & Play principle. Settings can be entered via a display panel. To control the crane, there are two joysticks based on fieldbus communication. The valve control block specially developed for mobile use can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle adjacent to the proportional valve. All parameter signals - with ramps and limits - are transmitted to the crane's hydraulics. The control can be configured individually for different users.


Benedikt Herzog

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