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Piercing tool for fire fighting vehicles Drucken

Together with a team from Kepler University Linz and the world's leading manufacturer of fire fighting technology, HAINZL developed a high-dynamic hydraulic cylinder for firefighting inside of aircrafts.

The piercing tool, which is attached to a fire-fighting arm of the emergency vehicle, pierces the composite materials of the aircraft skin in fractions of a second by means of the stored energy from hydraulic accumulators. Extinguishing agent is brought through the cylinder into the interior of the aircraft and distributed by the extinguishing nozzle. The system is extended by our customer by means of an automated docking system and hydraulic rotary drive, thus enabling the greatest possible flexibility for the emergency forces. The development objective was to achieve the greatest possible energy density with the most compact possible design and very low weight.

These requirements were fulfilled to the highest customer satisfaction.

Rail Lubrication System for Pöstlingbergbahn in Linz/Austria Drucken

When steel wheels roll on steel rails, mainly in the curves a loud, high-frequency squeal occurs. To protect residents from this noise the installation of a rail lubrication system was decided. In the curves (curves recorded by GPS tracking) fine water mist is applied in front of the vehicle and thus the squeak prevented.

Performance period: 2011-2013 (4+3 train sets)
Customer: Linz AG



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PRO-COMFORT for Brauunion trucks Drucken

More than 70 trucks are already equipped with the handling device PRO-COMFORT. The heavy beer kegs can easily lifted up and down on the truck in a very back friendly way. The compact design can also be retrofitted in the truck.