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Health Centre Herrenstraße, Linz Drucken

A medical and health centre was built at Herrenstraße 54-56 in Linz, which is directly connected to the hospital of the " Sisters of Mercy " by a barrier-free bridge.  This multi-storey new building offers medical facilities for doctors, therapists and psychologists, an outpatient clinic for oncological and orthopaedic rehabilitation, a seminar centre and a vital bistro. The health centre scores points with its varied medical offer with short distances, central organisation and exchange of information between the different treatment areas as well as the immediate neighbourhood to the emergency hospital.

HAINZL building technology was responsible for the entire electrical engineering in this building complex. Specifically, this includes the complete low-voltage distribution, the heavy and light current installations, the LAN cabling (network technology). Furthermore, the entire lighting technology including emergency lighting, media technology, the light call system, the CO warning system, a barrier system including oncoming traffic control and the entire MSR cabling of the building services as well as all earthing and lightning protection measures were delivered and installed. In addition, a fire alarm system, an access control system and a video surveillance system are installed.

Construction period: 07.2018 - 05.2020
Order volume: EUR 2,400,000 excluding VAT

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Apartment building Dresdner Straße, Vienna Drucken

A seven-storey apartment building with 190 high-quality equipped apartments between 23 m² and 55 m², as well as catering and commercial space, was built in the Viennese Dresdner Strasse 109 in the 20th district. This building is directly connected to the student residence at Dresdner Strasse 107, with which it is connected in the basement by an underground car park. Both buildings were equipped with electrical engineering by HAINZL.

Our scope of services included the complete low-voltage distribution, the installation of a complete system for the TV system via network management, LAN cabling, delivery and installation of the entire lighting technology, the installation of a fire alarm system and emergency lighting, the entire MSR cabling of the building services as well as all earthing and lightning protection measures. 

Execution period: 11.2018 - 04.2020
Order volume: EUR 1,980,000 excl. VAT

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Art depot Port4Art, Vienna Drucken

The new building "port4art" at the gates of Vienna is designed to record and inventory the stored works of art, as well as their digitalisation, packaging and transport. It offers both private individuals and corporate clients a depot area of more than 8,000m² on five levels as well as a showroom and presentation facilities.

The building is equipped with state-of-the-art fire alarm and security technology. In concrete terms, the contract included the installation of the complete low-voltage distribution system, the high- and low-voltage installations, the LAN cabling (network technology), the entire lighting in LED technology, the emergency lighting and the complete earthing and lightning protection system. The cabling work for the fully automatic fire alarm system, the video system, the alarm system and the access control system was also carried out.

Execution period: 05.2019 - 04.2020
Order volume: EUR 725,000 excluding VAT

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Lategothic church Oberneukirchen, Upper Austria Drucken

In 2019 started the complete redesign of the interior of the lategothic church Oberneukirchen (Upper Austria) from the 15th century. The general renovation included, among other things, the renewal of the floor, renovation of the organ, rear ventilation of the windows, installation of a new bench heating system based on infrared, renewal of the electrical installations, lighting and loudspeaker system, restoration of the church pews up to the redesign of the sanctuary.

HAINZL installed the entire electrical engineering in the building complex with modern and new technology. Specifically, this included the complete low voltage distribution, the high and low voltage installations, the LAN cabling (network technology), the entire lighting cabling and, as a highlight, a multifunctional control panel (see picture) for optimum control of the lighting system, the heating, the sound system, as well as the bell and window control.

Execution period: 06.2019 - 03.2020

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Kepler Hall at the JKU, Linz Drucken

In March, another outstanding new building at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz will open its doors - the so-called "Kepler Hall", the new entrance to the entire university campus. The multifunctional building with a total gross floor area of around 3,000 m² is designed as an assembly hall as well as an event center and offers space for receptions, cultural and sporting events or individual meet-ups. The aim of developing and revitalizing the entire university campus is to position JKU at the top in the competition with European universities. HAINZL also implemented this great project electrotechnically.

Our scope of services included the complete electrical installation including low voltage distribution, LAN cabling (network technology), the installation of all safety systems such as fire alarm system, smoke aspiration system, safety lighting, a complex lighting system and the lightning protection system.

Execution period: 06.2019 - 02.2020
Order volume: EUR 920,000 excluding VAT