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Hydraulic Cylinders Drucken

20,000 HAINZL cylinders can be found operating with optimum precision and reliability in a wide range of injection moulding machines, in both injection and mould applications. Special sealing systems and precisely designed damping ensure the smooth running and high performance of our cylinders.

Our product range extends from rapid traverse, interlocking, ejector and locking cylinders, through to rotary distributors used to turn multi component tools. HAINZL is a partner on whom you can rely.

Hydraulic Drive Concept for Sintering Granulators Drucken

By replacing the previous purely electric drive with a new hydraulic drive design, HAINZL has been able to achieve 50 % energy savings in the operation of a sintering granulator.

Technical details - granulator:

Granulator shaft length: 7 m
Granulator shaft diameter: 2.5 m
Starting torque: max. 360,000 Nm
Operating torque: 180,000 Nm
Drive power: 1 Megawatt (compared to 2 MW for electric drives)

In purely electric drive solutions, the motor must be sized both for starting torque and maximum speed (hydraulic force). This will result in a significant overload during start-up, which the entire power supply must be designed to cope with. On the other hand, the hydraulic drive serves as gearing which can be used to significantly reduce the installed output and eliminate the overload problem. The fact that the entire hydraulic system does not have to cope with the extremely dusty conditions found in the immediate vicinity of the granulator, in contrast to electric drives, has a positive effect on service life and ease of maintenance.

Complete Hydraulics for Wire Section Control Drucken

The unit consists of a 250 litre stainless steel tank. The motor pump units, filtration and cooling systems, and all measuring devices and valves are mounted onto the tank. All electrical devices (except the two electric motors) are fully wired in an intermediate terminal box. Also included in the delivery is a stainless steel valve cabinet in which the corresponding valve units are mounted.

Oil Conditioning Units Drucken

Oil conditioning units were development similarly to coolant conditioning units (see reference to "Coolant conditioning units") for the testing of internal combustion engines in motor sport. This is where the default control variables provided by the customer are achieved, e.g. temperature, pressure and flow rate of the engine oil. The glass oil defoaming tank plays an equally important role here, just like the PLC control.

Cooling Units Drucken

Customised cooling systems are used for the thermal optimisation of system and process temperatures, in plastics and plastic recycling applications. Depending on use, high quality air coolers or liquid heat exchangers can be employed as cooling elements.

The systems are specially designed and constructed for a wide range of media (oil, heat transfer media) and temperature ranges (up to 200 °C), as well as all functional requirements. Both switched and regulated systems are available for use in managing the temperature.