HAINZL Electronics Manufacturing

We make your product responsive. And controllable. Often also alive. We assemble your boards according to your project and our high standards.

For 40 years, we have been manufacturing electronic assemblies using the most modern methods available and the highest quality standards. We accompany you from the idea to the finished serial product. Our complete testing and documentation, our generous component storage as well as our clear commitment to regional electronics manufacturing makes us a reliable development partner for almost all industries.

With high-performance hardware and software development as well as series production and support from a single source, we have long been an established development partner.

Our services

Our powerful SMD placement acrobat assembles components with a minimum size of 01005.

In other words, highly accurate. Agile and fast. And finally, it checks automatically and optically.

Our excellent employees know your PCB in detail and reliably assemble the THT components.

In the individual soldering frame, through the wave soldering machine and the following optical inspection, we guarantee the highest qualities for highly complex assemblies.

No assembly leaves us without final testing with project-specific test systems or universal testers. For even more detailed results, we also conduct temperature and environmental tests.

To protect against moisture and corrosion, the electronic assemblies are given an automotive protective coating. And this is done selectively and with pinpoint accuracy.

Choose between permanent coating according to UL 94 or conformal coating according to UL 746E. Testing and drying are, of course, automatic.

To protect against mechanical or other damage, we encapsulate your electronic assembly including the wiring.

We are specialized in the production of complex cable harnesses in difficult environmental conditions. Our long experience and know-how in this field are a guarantee for high quality and reliable end products.


Enjoy the security

>  of a complete strongly networked global logistics chain.
>  through precise incoming inspection of assembly parts and mechanical components.
>  that adherence to delivery dates and quality always come first.
>  of our prototype production.
 of our serial number-based tracking of all raw materials, products and manufacturing steps.