Hydraulic Drive Concept for Sintering Granulators

By replacing the previous purely electric drive with a new hydraulic drive design, HAINZL has been able to achieve 50 % energy savings in the operation of a sintering granulator.

Technical details - granulator:

Granulator shaft length: 7 m
Granulator shaft diameter: 2.5 m
Starting torque: max. 360,000 Nm
Operating torque: 180,000 Nm
Drive power: 1 Megawatt (compared to 2 MW for electric drives)

In purely electric drive solutions, the motor must be sized both for starting torque and maximum speed (hydraulic force). This will result in a significant overload during start-up, which the entire power supply must be designed to cope with. On the other hand, the hydraulic drive serves as gearing which can be used to significantly reduce the installed output and eliminate the overload problem. The fact that the entire hydraulic system does not have to cope with the extremely dusty conditions found in the immediate vicinity of the granulator, in contrast to electric drives, has a positive effect on service life and ease of maintenance.