Pupils & Students

To dedicated and motivated young experts we offer the possibility to gain practical experience and to get to know our company before graduation from school or university with internships or excursions. Furthermore we offer the chance to pupils and students to write their degree dissertation and have good carrier opportunities at our company.

With an internship (office or workshop) e.g. during the summer months you have the chance to get to know our company. You can apply for different areas, e.g. development, sales, construction, electrical installation, warehouse, etc. We also offer jobs to bridge the gap between graduation from school or university and military/community service or to complete your mandatory internships. Depending on your wishes the internship lasts from one up to six months. We have only a limited number of internships so please send your application including letter of application, curriculum vitae and latest school reports not later than January at our recruitment platform!

Professional experience is very important for a carreer after your years of study. Especially to students from technical studies we offer the chance to work at our company part-time to gain practical experience. These jobs include technical tasks as well as small project works. Use this possibility to make your first step toward the job your of your dreams after graduation at university. Please apply at our recruitment platform.

With ideas that can be put into practice you have the great chance to find an interesting topic for your degree dissertation. Please contact us with a concrete topic or, if we have advertised a topic for a degree dissertation, please apply for it explicitly. The combination of theoretical and practical tasks offers many benefits for you and us equally.

To give you a deeper insight into our company, for interested schools classes and students we offer the possibility to visit us for a company presentation including factory tour (duration approx. 2 hours).