Procurement guidelines

HAINZL Central Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of all materials which enter our products/outputs and investments, services, fuel and consumables and maintenance.

Our procurement is globally oriented and is of crucial significance for our international competitiveness. We endeavour to safeguard our quality requirements whilst meeting delivery deadlines and adhering to TCO (Total cost of ownership).

We contribute to the future safeguarding of the Hainzl group by continually increasing the value of our venture. We therefore always view our strategic options from the Economic Value Added perspective: how can we create the greatest added value through our entrepreneurial dealings?

A crucial element in our responsible purchasing policy is the respect of the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Companies are thus obliged to adhere to economic, ecological and social standards, even when these are not legally prescribed, and the Code of Conduct.

Continuity is a crucial principle of our company policy which is also apparent in our supply chain.