Automated manufacturing cell for LEITNER ropeways

Challenges for machine builders and system integrators developing automated production lines continue to rise in the context of the increasing digitalization of the industry. HAINZL recently delivered an automated production system from a single source for synchronous motor components to the ropeway manufacturer LEITNER.
The internationally active ropeway manufacturer developed a ropeway drive system in which the output shaft is directly connected to the sheave. The rotor required for the motor consists of hundreds of so-called rotor poles.

The installation of this fully automatic production cell for the production of the rotor poles with integrated quality assurance was the challenge for HAINZL. HAINZL was responsible from the initial idea to the concept and implementation right through to delivery and implementation into the production process on site.

A 6-axis jointed-arm robot forms the heart of the fully automatic production cell. The robot carries out the handling work and manipulates the individual parts between the assembly stations. After more than 20 process steps at various stations, the poles are ready for assembly into the drive. Supported by high-resolution cameras, image processing is used to monitor process-relevant work steps, such as bonding the rotor poles.

The dimensions of width and height are recorded and evaluated by digital touch probes. If the permissible tolerances deviate, the rotor poles involved are declared faulty and automatically removed from the production process. In order to measure the shape and position tolerances of the rotor poles, these are also randomly ejected from the production cell and checked by a specialist.


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