Church of Oberneukirchen shines in new splendor with HAINZL technology

In 2019 started the complete redesign of the interior of the lategothic church Oberneukirchen (Upper Austria) from the 15th century. HAINZL Building Technology was responsible for the complete layout and installation of the electrical system.

The general renovation included, among other things, the renewal of the floor, renovation of the organ, rear ventilation of the windows, installation of a new bench heating system based on infrared, renewal of the electrical installations, lighting and loudspeaker system, restoration of the church pews up to the redesign of the sanctuary.

In the course of the demolition and excavation work the foundation walls of the predecessor church were discovered. Archaeologists accompanied the excavation work on behalf of the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments and carried out professional surveying, protective measures and photographic documentation of the historic walls.

On this occasion, the ducts and the electrical installation were placed in the floor of the church interior. After extensive chiselling work in the church walls, the necessary technical provisions for modern and new technology could be installed there as well.

HAINZL installed the entire electrical engineering in the building complex. Specifically, this included the complete low voltage distribution, the high and low voltage installations, the LAN cabling (network technology), the entire lighting cabling and, as a highlight, a multifunctional control panel (see picture) for optimum control of the lighting system, the heating, the sound system, as well as the bell and window control.

Execution period: 06.2019 - 03.2020

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