Electronic systems from HAINZL are even more powerful with new processor generation i.MX 8

For high-performance IoT solutions such as networked user panels, the new quad-core processor i.MX 8 offers an ideal and high-performance platform. HAINZL is now using the new processor standard in the development of electronic systems. The embedded systems expert designs the entire processor core and also the processor periphery customised and adapted to the client application. The first product with the new processor core went into series production at the beginning of 2021.

With operating speeds of up to 1.4 GHz, the new Quad Core processor offers significantly higher processor performance than its predecessor i.MX 6. Computing-intensive tasks such as 3D renderings, video streaming or browser applications are thus processed much more efficiently than before. For real-time or low-power tasks, a second Cortex-M7 core is available in addition to the Quad Core processor.

The processor periphery offers all possibilities to efficiently run applications in the control and regulation area or audio/video applications for operator interaction via touch displays. Even with touch displays with higher resolutions, swipe gestures are processed quickly and smoothly, giving the operator a pleasant feeling.

In addition to Gigabit Ethernet, Secureboot and an integrated Cryptographic unit form the basis for fast, encrypted and thus secure network communication via LAN or WLAN.

To find out how HAINZL can make your product even more powerful and modern or programme it, contact Mr M. Erber at m.erber@hainzl.at.

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