Flow transparency: the new Unit Fluid Monitoring system from HAINZL

HAINZL's new Unit Fluid Monitoring system (UFM) enables users to easily monitor their hydraulic units and lubrication systems. The UFM-system primarily analyzes changes in the medium, such as oil moisture, oil aging or the degree of contamination; the innovative monitoring system also supervises operating parameters such as pressure or temperature. The innovative Unit Fluid Monitoring system makes early detection of abrasion in lubrication systems or detection of system leakages easier than ever.

An integrated web interface offers the user a comfortable view of the individually set parameters and enables an alarm to be triggered in case of anomalies. A simple connection of the UFM-system to the "HAICMON Analysis Center" enables the evaluation of long-term trends, e-mail alerts and reporting.

The handy "microCMU" forms the heart of condition monitoring, whereby the evaluation intelligence in a small form factor provides numerous digital and analog outputs and inputs for sensors. This provides the user with a monitoring and warning system that greatly enhances existing sensor systems.

Contact UFM: Herwig Eichler, h.eichler@hainzl.at.

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