HAINZL convinces as a partner for machine and plant manufacturers

The hydraulics specialist HAINZL advanced to the position of an international system provider and development partner for various industries by now. For numerous machine and plant manufacturers, HAINZL primarily provides systems and equipment for process automation, inspection and test systems, hydraulic cylinders and rotary unions as well as hydraulic components for large and special plants. Many years of service, interdisciplinary engineering and competent project management are included at HAINZL anyway.

In process automation, HAINZL combines individual handling steps into complex production lines with various manipulation stations and high-precision robotics solutions. HAINZL closes the loop between hardware, automation and condition monitoring with the innovative and modular software platform "OCEAN". The advantages are obvious: automated processes are free of operating errors, deliver controlled and 100% reproducible qualities and ensure complete documentation. HAINZL scores points in the conception and engineering of such complex systems with many years of industry experience as well as diverse technological know-how.

With HAINZL as a system partner, numerous market-leading and internationally positioned manufacturers of industrial components have already been able to modernise their production processes and thus increase their competitiveness.

With test benches and test systems for development, production and service, HAINZL also underlines its diverse expertise. HAINZL also demonstrates its high-quality and customised technology through the modern and attractive design of its systems.

HAINZL also translates its many years of extensive experience in hydraulics into the smallest or up to 15-metre-long customer-specific hydraulic cylinders. They are used, for example, in the steel industry, in injection moulding, in cable car construction or also in hydraulic steel construction. In addition, HAINZL offers highly dynamic, durable and low-maintenance servo and control cylinders as well as rotary unions for the highest technological standards. HAINZL is also one of the few on the international market to specialise in large units and lubrication, components for test centres and high-pressure hydraulics.

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