HAINZL equips Lindner tractors with intelligent steering systems.

Lindner tractors of the Lintrac series are already equipped today for the autonomous driving of tomorrow due to a new intelligent steering system. This has been made real by the electro-hydraulic steering system OSPE PVED-CLS from Danfoss, which offers a direct electrical interface for GPS, in-line or laser auto-steering systems, as well as steering with a joystick or an electric mini steering wheel. HAINZL, as a Danfoss Premier Partner, has integrated the steering unit both electrically and hydraulically on the machine together with Lindner and put it into operation.

With the electro-hydraulic steering system OSPE PVED-CLS, the so-called active steering, as already known from the automotive sector, is now also installed as standard on the Lintrac as a so-called front loader assistant. This dynamic, speed-adapted steering system eases tractor handling and significantly increases productivity.

In addition, the integrated redundant electronics can easily be linked to a GPS steering system. This results in much more precise steering than with conventional retrofit steering wheel motors.

The OSPE steering unit complies with the ISO 13849 and ISO 25119 standards of the current machinery directive. OEMs such as Lindner Tractors can therefore accelerate the development and certification of steering systems, reduce costs and bring vehicles to market faster.

In addition to the OSPE PVED-CLS unit, Danfoss also offers other innovative products for the steering systems of the future, such as the TÜV-certified steering valve "EHi" or the electric mini steering wheel "e-Wheel 100", which enables functions such as 4-wheel steering, joystick steering, GPS steering and also steer-by-wire for a wide range of machine applications.

For solutions concerning hydraulic or electro-hydraulic steering, please contact Mr. Matthias Baumgartner at m.baumgartner@hainzl.at or +43 732 7892 364.

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