HAINZL modernises the electrical system at Parkhotel Schönbrunn

The Parkhotel Schönbrunn is not only a popular location for balls, but with its seminar rooms is also well equipped for events of all kinds. In 2019 the 4th and 5th floors of the main building were completely gutted and redesigned with new architecture. As for the general modernization in 2010/2011, the owner confided the installation of the entire electrical engineering to HAINZL Building Technology.

Specifically, 54 rooms in the main building were completely rebuilt and 128 rooms in the so-called Residenz- und Stöckltrakt as well as the associated general areas were completely renovated and brought up to the latest state of the art.

HAINZL Building Technology installed the entire electrical infrastructure. This included the complete low voltage distribution, the high and low voltage installations, the LAN cabling (network technology), a fire alarm system as well as the entire lighting including emergency lighting.

Execution period: 01.2019 - 01.2020
Order volume: EUR 1,350,000 excluding VAT

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