HAINZL new building at the Industriezeile: A connective skywalk!

A very special event took place at HAINZL's headquarters on Sat, 22.5.21: the connecting bridge between the HAINZL Building, which went into operation in 2009, and the new building, which will go into operation in 2022, was installed. With this, HAINZL sets another milestone in the expansion of the group of companies in Linz and creates modern and attractive workplaces for the employees.

The figures are impressive: The skywalk is 38 metres long and weighs around 40 tonnes. The bridge was manufactured in two parts to enable transport from the manufacturer in Perg to Linz due to its length. Assembly took place at the level of the third upper floor, at a height of about ten metres above the railway track below.

New attractive office building for 200 employees goes into operation in 2022

Since the end of 2020, a six-floor, open, bright office building with a company restaurant, a spacious reception area including a showroom, a roof terrace, a green roof, an event area, project offices and meeting rooms has been created at the 60,000 m² headquarters of the internationally successful development and systems partner.

Around 200 employees of the company will develop and market technology for the highest standards in the new building at the beginning of 2022.

In 2020, the HAINZL group of companies has generated a consolidated business performance of 154.7 million euros with 850 employees and successfully completes the 2020 Business Year.


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