NEW at HAINZL: Compact high-pressure hydraulic units

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands for weight and space-optimized solutions in hydraulic systems and to be able to implement more compact designs, the system pressures constantly need to be increased. HAINZL takes this trend into account and is therefore expanding its portfolio to include compact and cost-optimized high-pressure units.

The high pressure is generated by special pressure intensifiers. Its supply can be ensured by an existing hydraulic system (e.g. 200 bar) and can therefore be easily integrated into a standard unit.

The advantages at a glance:
- No expensive high-pressure pumps required
- Integration into a standard low-pressure system or into an existing unit possible
- Various pressure levels up to 1000 bar possible
- Compact design with high performance
- Customer-specific designs can be realized (e.g. superstructures, enclosures, control, display, ...)

The compact high-pressure hydraulic power packs are particularly suitable for applications in clamping technology, press construction, machine tool building and, of course, in general mechanical engineering.

For further information please contact us: 
p.watzlinger@hainzl.at or +43 (0) 732 7892-565.

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