New from HAINZL: mobile, flexible room air filter for clean, healthy air

Especially within heavily frequented rooms, where fresh air ventilation is not ensured, the pollutant load in the breathing air increases enormously and therefore the risk of infection. Air purification with the new, mobile room air filter "SilentCare" considerably reduces this risk of infection. It filters the indoor air not only very effectively, regularly and draught-free, but also very quietly.

The SilentCare air purifier is equipped with a 15 m² HEPA filter element according to the EN1822 H14 standard and makes breathing air virus-free and clean, because it certifiably filters at least 99.99 % of airborne pollutants of the size 0.1µm - 0.3µm. At 43 db(A), the SilentCare sound level is well below the average office soundscape of approx. 50 -60 db(A) and guarantees undisturbed working.

Particularly ideal for

  • Areas with a high frequency of people
  • Office buildings
  • Meeting rooms
  • residential buildings
  • Schools, universities, day care centres,...

As a premium partner of Filtration Group in Austria, HAINZL also offers this new, effective and also attractive stand-alone filter as a useful high table with a noble wooden top and, with a corresponding order quantity, also in individual colours and with a customised logo.

Find out for yourself:

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