Now available in the HAINZL Webshop: Kollmorgen servodrives and servomotors of the latest generation

HAINZL is expanding its product range with the newly developed Kollmorgen 2G Motion System. It combines the second generation of Advanced Kollmorgen Drives (AKD2G) and Advanced Kollmorgen Motors (AKM2G) into a high-precision, agile system. HAINZL recommends the use of the new system wherever precise and fast motion sequences are required, such as in industrial robots, production lines or packaging machines.

Kollmorgen has long defined the gold standard for servo-supported motion systems tailored to applications in robotics, toolmaking, but also in the packaging, food and paper industries. With the second generation motion system, the standard has now been raised even higher in terms of energy and space efficiency, user safety and user-friendliness in order to build machines and systems that are even lighter, smaller, more powerful and more precise.

The AKD2G servo amplifier offers the possibility of controlling two axes with only one servo drive. In addition, numerous SafeMotionTM safety functions have been integrated. In addition, the industry's first drive-integrated graphic colour display has made the system even easier to operate. Another new feature is the ability to load the software onto a commercially available SD card and thus conveniently start the servo drive. This facilitates independent commissioning by the customer.

The AKM2G motors impress with a significantly increased power density compared to the first generation. The torque output could be increased by 30% on average for the same size. This means that even more compact machines can be designed or, with the same dimensions, significant increases in performance can be achieved. At the same time, the AKM2G motors are mechanically fully compatible with their predecessors and can thus be easily incorporated into existing systems.

For more information and for your design, contact Mr Pöppl right away at o.poeppl@hainzl.at or +43 732 7892 329.

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