SMS-Group relies on HAINZL quality for scale washing

The so-called "scale" is formed during metal processing on the red-hot metal surface as a reaction of the metal with oxygen. If this oxide layer is not removed but worked in before further metal processing, the quality of the semi-finished or finished products is considerably reduced. HAINZL supplies customized fully automatic water hydraulic scale scrubbers including engineering and integration, thus ensuring quality and lead time for customers.

The SMS Group, one of the world's leading machine and plant manufacturers for the steel industry, has relied on HAINZL's expertise for many years and integrates automatic descaling in its international projects with components from HAINZL.

Scale can be removed automatically with high-pressure water hydraulics and with high-precision high-pressure nozzles. The necessary water pressure of 200 and often up to 400 bar is generated by high-pressure pumps, which were developed for operation with industrial water and "rough" operating conditions.

The removal of scale is completely automated in the so-called scale washers and requires close interaction with the higher-level control center.

"Our competence includes the design of the high-pressure nozzles, which contribute significantly to the result. This refers to their size and arrangement, as well as to the control design of the machine. This applies to the electrical system, the control system of the plant including the software connection to the higher-level production control system," clarifies Gerald Biberauer, Product Manager for Water Hydraulics at the fluid specialist HAINZL Industriesysteme.

This quality-enhancing technology of descaling is increasingly used in the production of long products (plates, profiles) on rolling mill stands. However, scale washing is also of interest when processing compact raw steels before they are further processed, for example in a press, to the intended shape.

Further information on descaling is available in the technical article (in german).

For further information or project inquiries please contact Mr. G. Biberauer at g.biberauer@hainzl.at or +43 (732) 7892 624.

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