Space-saving display and processor module solution

Every developer of OEM products knows the problem: The designer creates a great housing for a product. Closed, seamless surfaces captivate in the housing design, which also exists in the area of a later, planned touch display.

During implementation, the technician is often faced with the hurdle that the display electronics units are delivered completely in the housing and unfortunately do not have the appropriate installation dimensions. Or the installation depth is too large, which again confronts the designer with the challenge of creating a suitable housing design.

A solution here is the new processor module from HAINZL, which allows the new type of separate installation from the display. The 6 mm thin touch display requires only minimal space. The processor module is installed up to two meters away from the display. With an integrated LVDS and HDMI interface, the 5 to 19 inch touch display can be easily connected to the processor module.

This enables technicians in device and system operation, building services and energy technology to seamlessly integrate the touch displays into a housing that is bonded in a suitable design. The associated processor module with its installation dimensions of 80 mm x 55 mm x 6 mm (LxWxH) should also be easy to implement. 

Further information about our electronic system solutions can be found here.

If you have any questions about our new product, please contact Martin Erber (m.erber@hainzl.at, +43 664 80792 641).

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