With HAINZL from PLC control to embedded system

When is the right time to upgrade your PLC controller with an embedded version? An adapted embedded system is like the tailor-made suit compared to the range clothing. The complete control electronics are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the device on a custom-made board. There is no oversizing in the system. Embedded systems are interesting when costs need to be optimized, contemporary operating concepts are required and/or a space-saving solution is needed.

Embedded systems are mainly used when series products require further development in terms of cost and design or when the number of units increases. Many manufacturers start series production with PLC controllers, but accept technical compromises and higher costs for the quick start and relatively simple programming. Embedded systems are therefore of interest to all machine and equipment manufacturers who mass produce products and want to optimize the products after a successful start.

PLC controls: quickly ready for use at the expense of space and costs

Oversized standard components often need to be installed in PLC systems because this hardware is only available in certain sizes. This also results in higher costs. Requirements such as adapted terminals and touch displays, analog/audio inputs and outputs, integrated overcurrent detection or motor protection switches can often only be implemented in PLC systems with additional assemblies, which increases the costs and space requirements of the overall system.

Embedded systems: cost-optimized, modern and space-saving solutions.

An adapted embedded system from HAINZL is a solution here to combine all control requirements - whether standard PLC technology or non-standard PLC technology - in one compact control system.

As an Austrian embedded systems expert, we develop and manufacture customized embedded systems with the appropriate hardware such as circuit boards or complete displays as well as the appropriate software. Based on our many years of experience, we can realize individual control application software or operating software for our customers, from the smallest low-power microcontroller system to high-performance processor systems with operating systems.

The HAINZL advantage: cross-linked, decisive and reliable for many years.

In addition, we optionally equip the customer solution with radio and cloud functions, enabling networked production control, remote maintenance, remote control or evaluations of production data.

HAINZL also guarantees long-term availability of the embedded systems solution through integration in the stably successful HAINZL Group. The circuit boards are manufactured in the group of companies in Austria.

"Our experience from 30 years of development and production of electronic systems and the direct contact to the developer team creates confidence and quick decisions", Martin Erber, sales engineer for embedded systems summarizes the advantages. Contact Mr. Erber right away at m.erber@hainzl.at and discuss your project.

Or meet Mr. Erber and the competent colleagues from Embedded Systems at the EMBEDDED WORLD trade fair in Nuremberg: June 21st - 23rd 2022, Hall 4, Booth 539.

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