Do your apprenticeship in:

Application Development – Coding

Your skills acquired at HAINZL:

  • You create software for embedded systems, computers and IT systems and program applications for our customers.
  • You work with modern programming languages (Java, C#, C/C++ etc.)
  • You plan, design and program different applications
  • You perform software tests and create documentation for your programs.
  • You support and advise our customers on the optimal implementation of the application.

Make a career at HAINZL:

  • Apprenticeship: 4 years, Vocational school: Berufsschule 2, Wiener Straße 181, 4020 Linz, 10 weeks blocked
  • Areas of expertise: e.g. UX-Design (User Experience), Mobile Publishing, Mobile Devices, Cloud-Applications, IT database applications, ...
  • Job opportunities: Cloud Engineer, Software Programmer, App Developer, Team leader, Manager

Make your way, YOUR way!