Special Motors Perske

We offer Perske electrical drive solutions for the most exacting of requirements. For wood, metal, plastic, stone, glass or composite materials, we can offer you the motor which is optimally adapted to your respective requirements at a very high quality level.

High-Speed Special Motors Perske Perske

High-speed three-phase special motors, flat and narrow construction with up to 30,000 1/min engine speed. High-performance cutting motors for industrial manufacturing processes, shaft design with a draw-in attachment for cylindrical shaft tools or shaft end according to the customer's wishes such as a hexagon socket or a centre thread for tool mounting.


Circular Saw Motors Perske Perske

Circular saw motors with a slim design for low cut height loss up to 170 KW S6-60%. Circular saw motors are distinguished by a high breakdown torque and overload capability.

Special Motors Perske with HSK-C Tool Acceptance Perske

High-speed polyphase motors with manual HSK-C tool interface pursuant to DIN 69893-HSK-C and HSK-F63 with automatic tool interface. These motors have maintenance-free spindle bearings on the tool side. Available for engine speeds of up to 18,000 1/min.

HSK-C40 to HSK-C100 and HSK-F63 tool interface design available.


High Performance Milling Motors Perske Perske

Milling motors are equipped with shaft versions for mounting collet attachments for cylindrical tools with a collet diameter of 1 mm to 25 mm.  These milling motors stand out on account of their high concentric and axial running accuracy at speeds up to 30,000 rpm. The slimline design enables particularly small processing centre distances.


Special Motors

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