Rolling-Mills Condition Monitoring


HAICMON provides a solution for condition monitoring that is designed to meet the special requirements of metal industry. The focus hereby is set on the early fault detection of machine parts along drive trains and detection of unstable operation conditions (e.g. chatter).

Performance and yield can be increased by improved knowledge of the actual condition of the plant based on the data provided by HAICMON. Repair work can be scheduled more effectively with a minimum impact on the production itself and maintenance costs can be reduced at the same time. The system acquires signals like vibration, pressure, torque, temperature and more as well as plant parameters from the existing automation environment. The measured data is analyzed by HAICMON continuously and automatically at the so called CMU (Condition Monitoring Units). Both raw data and results are then transferred to the HAICMON Analysis Center, a powerful state of the art data management and reporting system. The web based user interface provides a comfortable configuration interface, trending and alarming module and also includes manual signal analysis tools.

Key facts:

  • monitoring of the drive train
  • monitoring of rolling process
  • integrated interfaces to the existing automation
  • easy extendable
  • interface to existing process data acquisition system (ibaPDA)


Condition Monitoring Systems

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