HAICMON Monitoring Unit

The HAICMON Condition Monitoring Unit (CMU) is the core component of the HAICMON online condition monitoring system. The CMU is acquiring and analysing the plant vibrations and communicating with the existing automation environment. The CMU can work independently or be networked with the HAICMON Analysis Center to form a cross-plant monitoring system and is available as a powerful and extensible CMU-S model.

Key facts HAICMON CMU-S:

  • up to 24 inputs for IEPE compatible vibrations sensors
  • 8 digital inputs at 24V HTL level
  • optional 16 analogue inputs for ±20mA, ±10V or ±24V signals
  • optional 32 digital outputs at 24V HTL level
  • up to 128 GB internal storage capacity


Condition Monitoring Systems

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