Fluid Monitoring Hydraulic Units

UFM - Unit Fluid Monitoring

Unit Fluid Monitoring systems, „UFM“ for short, enable extensive monitoring of hydraulic power packs and lubrication systems. The main focus is on analysing the medium for signs of oil humidity, ageing and degree of contamination, as well as monitoring operational parameters such as pressure, temperature and flow rate. The relevant parameters are easily accessed and also configured via the integrated web interface. The user can decide whether to receive notification of abnormalities via digital outputs directly on the unit itself, or by TCP/IP telegram in a high level system. By simply linking the UFM to the HAICMON Analysis Center, long term trends can also be tracked. Additional useful functions such as email alerts and reports are also available. Nothing more stands in the way of a cost-effective retrofitting of your system.


 uCOM is a Software to manage OCEAN
devices like CMUs and microCMUs


Condition Monitoring Systems

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