for OEM-Applications

The Controller is an cost optimized solution for serial applications. It can be used for applications in building- and energytechnologies or for controlling devices- or machines. The runtimesystem CoDeSys 3.0 allows free programming in contact plan, function chart or structured text. Useroperations and information presentation are possible through the colortouchscreen or  an webserver. Moreower low cost OEM sensors (for example resistance sensors) can be connected directly to the controller. So expensive active sensors can be changed to cheap passive sensors. The Controller switches voltages up to 230V. So there is no more need for copyrelais like in other PLC applications. Serval controllers can be connected to each other through canbus or ethernet to allow data communication accross serveral buildings. For integration in OEM applications the controller can be delivered without housing or in coordination to the  customer needs.

In- and Outputs

  • 1 digital Input 230VAC
  • 13 analog Inputs (KTY, PT1000, NiCrNi, 0…5/10VDC)
  • 14 relais outputs 230VAC / 8A
  • 2 analog Outputs PWM/0…10VDC


  • Controll unit 4,3“ TFT colordisplay, capacitive touchscreen
  • USB to communicate with an PC or USB stick
    Software-Update, Datenlogging
  • Ethernet/LAN Software-Update, remote maintenance
  • CANbus for communication with extensionmodules
  • µSD-Card Slot Datenlogging
  • Microcontroller ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6S 800MHz
  • Operationsystem  Linux (HIS distribution)
  • Runtimesystem CoDeSys version 3.0
  • Runtime clock with battery CR2032
  • Supply 1~ 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Dimensions 240mm/160mm        
  • Connectors plugable screw clamp


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