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Your skills acquired at HAINZL

  • As an electronics technician, you bring devices, machines and systems to life by designing, manufactoring and installing electronic regulation and control units.
  • You'll perform tests on systems, analyze and troubleshoot electronic assemblies, and work with modern software solutions and apps.

Make a career at HAINZL:

Apprenticeship period: 3,5 years (modular apprenticeship), Vocational school: Berufsschule 5, Glimpfingerstraße 8a, 4020 Linz; 10 weeks of blocked training per apprenticeship year.

Special subjects: Measurement and control technology, sensor technology (light, magnet, pressure), embedded systems, cyber physical systems, automation technology, robotics, production technology, power electronics

Job opportunities: plant engineer, development engineer, robotics engineer, automation engineer, hardware developer, mechatronics engineer, project manager, team leader, manager

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