Firefighting Systems

Firefighting with High Pressure Water Mist

Your safety deserves responsibility!

AQUASYS is one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly and highly efficient High Pressure Water Mist Systems. For more than 20 years we have made the protection of people and assets to our task and are constantly working to improve our know-how. As a company of HAINZL group, Aquasys provides innovative solutions and high flexibility to customers.

Success factor High Pressure.

The outstanding effect of the Aquasys extinguishing systems is based on normal water flowing trough specially designed nozzles under high pressure, producing an extremely fine mist. These tiny water droplets evaporate in the heat of the fire and withdraw energy. Simultaneous the oxygen is displaced because of the multiple larger volume of evaporated water mist and so the fire is contained  

Starting point of this particular performance is the commitment of our customers to modern fire protection. Because only this creates our shared responsibility – as an essential requirement for higher security.


  • no pre-warning
  • environmental friendly
  • small stocking amount
  • low water use
  • washing out of burnt gas
  • small pipe diameters
  • high cooling effect
  • no personal danger