Firefighting Buildings AQUASYS

Efficiency in Building Protection

A highly efficient fire fighting system has to take into account that different building fulfil different functions and therefore have very specific conditions. Consequently, the primary protection goal and the preservation of objects for a historical library are very different to that of a modern office building.

Fire-fighting with added value

Aquasys develops, produces and offers a water-mist system that is designed specifically for each operating range. The specially developed nozzles create a particularly fine water-mist, which suppresses the fire and effectively prevents it from spreading. As a consequence not only escape routes are protected, but also electronic facilities and irreplaceable historical building parts as well as valuable objects such as documents and works of art, which are saved from damage by the use of 70 - 80% less water than a sprinkler system.

Perfect integration

Small components, space saving installation and the use of stainless steel guarantee that a High Pressure Water Mist System can be harmoniously integrated into the architectural circumstances.


  • no pre-warning
  • environmental friendly
  • small stocking amount
  • low water use
  • washing out of burnt gas
  • small pipe diameters
  • high cooling effect
  • no personal danger



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