Firefighting Industry AQUASYS

Flexibility for Industry

Complex industrial production demands a high degree of specialization. Depending on what is being produced, there are different fire loads and danger zones. The Aquasys High Pressure Water Mist System convinces by quickly containing the fire and minimizing water damage, resuming operation and thereby increasing machine availability.

Intelligent functionality

In answer to the special demands of industry, AQUASYS has developed individual functions which have proved excellent in running operation. After a serious incident not only the production system but also the water mist system is quickly ready to operate again. The degree of atomization and water exposure are adapted to the specific fire load of each plant section and determined with accredited, internationally recognized testing institutes by real fire tests.


  • no pre-warning
  • environmental friendly
  • small stocking amount
  • low water use
  • washing out of burnt gas
  • small pipe diameters
  • high cooling effect
  • no personal danger



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