Firefighting Mobile AQUASYS

Safety in Mobile Applications

Rail vehicles pose special challenges for fire fighting – in serious cases as well as in daily operation. Protecting the passengers and preventing the emergence of a fire are the most important functions of our High Pressure Water Mist System.

Systematic safety

Due to the especial requirements of mobile fire fighting Aquasys has developed a weight-optimized High Pressure Water Mist System that is specifically designed for high vibration loads and the small available space. The custom-built nozzles produce a very fine mist, which is fighting the fire with impressive efficiency. Furthermore this water mist effectively limits the spread of the fire.

Water Mist Gun – Extinguishing with High Pressure

The Water Mist Gun from Aquasys provides maximum results while using minimum extinguishing agent. This highly-efficient extinguisher perfectly combines ergonomics, performance and flexibility, and provides exceptional results with its fine water spray. The perfect tool for immediate fire suppression and subsequent fire fighting measures, the Water Mist Gun from Aquasys is quick to put in operation and causes significantly less damage than other devices.


  • environmental friendly
  • small stocking amount
  • high efficient
  • low water use
  • high cooling effect
  • no personal danger



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