Firefighting Tunnels AQUASYS

Expertise in Tunnels

In 2002, AQUASYS was the first company which received an international accreditation for an automatic, fix installed fire fighting system for tunnels. Based on many years of experience this solution was continually developed into today's H2O system, which is designed to meet the specific requirements of a tunnel fire.

Special conditions

Fires in a tunnel lead to a rise in temperature to over 1200°C within minutes. This and the high emergence of smoke endanger persons, vehicles and tunnel structure in partially catastrophic proportions if the fire isn’t contained immediately.

Clear reduction in fire damage

Within seconds the specially adjusted water impact of the High Pressure Water Mist System produces a mist which restrains the fire by high energy deprivation and oxygen displacement. At once to this, the access for the firefighters is facilitated and the necessary oxygen content in the air is supported by washing out the flue gases. Thus the survival chance for people in the tunnel increases dramatically and long and expensive repairs can be minimized or even averted.


Patented surface-active agent supply

Your personal advantage is our specially developed surface-active agent supply. This helps us to minimize any maintenance efforts and thus save costs.


  • no pre-warning
  • environmental friendly
  • small stocking amount
  • low water use
  • washing out of burnt gas
  • small pipe diameters
  • high cooling effect
  • no personal danger



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