Heavy-duty Robot

This special robotic system for heavy-duty material handling is typically used in forging, rolling or foundry applications where it has to operate under hostile environmental conditions such as high temperature and dust.

Nevertheless it features high dynamic motion and extreme positioning accuracy as well as easy operation. Its customized attachment tools and high speed manipulation lead to increased production rates.

Main features:

  • Five axis articulated robot system
  • Up to 1500 kg load
  • 5250 mm reach
  • 2 mm positioning accuracy  
  • 5,5 m/s maximum speed at gripper
  • Rolling bearings for all articulated boom joints
  • Integrated load measurement system
  • Adjustable gripping force


  • User friendly initial operation and intuitive control
  • State of the art Computer Numerical Control-System based on an industrial PC
  • real-time capability operating system via redundant bus system
  • User-friendly modification of all control parameters
  • Control linkable to customer database to save statistical and process data
  • Integrated safety controller for performance level “d” safety functions

Furthermore the robot is equipped with a compact on-board hydraulic power unit. All the servo controlled hydraulic actuators have integrated position encoders. Its motion is controlled by high dynamic response directional valve. To reduce tubing and connections, mono-block valve manifold design is used. Energy optimization and high dynamic response is supported by hydraulic accumulators.

Our heavy-duty robot combines high reliability and minimum deflection due to its solid mechanical structure. Last but not least, the modular design of our heavy-duty robot enables high flexibility for your future needs.


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