Damping Systems

Damping Systems

For the deceleration of moving masses over a defined path. HAINZL damping systems/dampers are used in various applications and can be individually designed and manufactured to meet the customer's needs. This ranges from fixed or adjustable damping behaviours through to extreme applications such as underwater operation. Special test set-ups and simulations enable practical experiments and test runs.

Vibration Dampers

Hydraulic vibration dampers minimise vibrations caused by process or machine technology. Our dampers have adjustable damping characteristics, and are therefore able to automatically compensate changes in the vibration parameters caused by the system.

Stainless steel dampers

In order to avoid closing shocks, along with subsequent impact, vibrations, strong impact booms and damage, the non-return flaps of a sewage treatment plant are equipped with hydraulic damping devices from HAINZL. Our dampers have a manually adjustable damping effect and are suitable for underwater operation.