Axial Piston Units Water Hydraulics Danfoss

Axial Piston Pumps Danfoss Series PAH Danfoss

Danfoss PAH 2/4/6.3, PAH 10/12.5, PAH20/25/32 and PAH 50/63/70/80/100 are pumps which produce water currents at high water pressure. The design of the pumps is based on the axial piston principle, facilitating a very light, compact construction.
The pumps are constructed in such a way that water lubricates the moving parts. Lubrication with oil is therefore not necessary.
All pumps are constructed with a view to long durability whilst retaining a high degree of effectiveness and minimum maintenance costs.
The pumps work by consistent displacement, whereby the flow rate is proportional to the number of revolutions of the driveshaft and pump displacement.


Axial Piston Pumps Danfoss Series MAH Danfoss

MAH 4/5/6.3 and 10/12.5 are quick-running motors with a water-hydraulic drive. The hydraulic medium is common drinking water. The motors are based on the axial piston principle which enables a light and compact design. The water ensures the lubrication of all the moving parts in the motor, and there is therefore no need for separate lubrication with oil.
Motor sizes vary from 4 cm3 to 12.5 cm3 (nominal displacement) per revolution.
The maximum operating torques vary from 8 to 25 Nm, and the maximum output from 3 to 8 kW.


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