Drinking Water Applications

In parallel to high-pressure applications in heavy industry, we deal with drinking water hydraulics in the medium-pressure sector with a very wide spectrum of applications in the most diverse of industries. Here are a few examples:

  • Air humidification in air-conditioning technology
  • Air humidification of production rooms
  • Dust-binding in the wood industry
  • Saw blade lubrication in the wood industry
  • Air conditioning in wood kilns
  • Paper cutters, oscillation in paper machines
  • Washing systems for cars or HGVs
  • Units for nuclear technology

In conjunction with our long-time partners Danfoss Nessie, we are able to offer a very comprehensive assortment of individual components and small units.

Key Data

  • Operating pressures: up to 140 bar (higher pressures on request)
  • Medium: drinking water, special medium
  • Delivery volumes: up to 180 l/min