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Valves Danfoss 3/2 Directional Zone Danfoss

3/2-directional valves were specially developed for applications in the areas of high pressure air humidification and adiabatic cooling. Each valve has an inlet, a high-pressure outlet and a discharge connection. If the valve is not activated, the connection between the inlet and outlet is interrupted, while the connection between the outlet and the discharge connection is open. Thus, the pressure in the system is immediately discharged when the application is stopped. As a rule, high pressure nozzles ensure the system does not drip. If desired, the complete nozzle stock can be emptied to hinder the growth of bacteria. Furthermore, each valve has its special characteristics to satisfy size and function requirements.


Magnetic Valves Danfoss 2/2-Directional Series VDH Danfoss

Danfoss directional valves serve to control the flow direction of water.
The valves are designed for pure water, i.e. no additives of any kind must be added to the medium. (EU Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC).
The directional valves are piloted on/off poppet valves which are electrically activated with a coil each.
The valve casing is made of AISI 304 (W. nr. 1.4301) stainless steel as standard. If desired, it can also be made of AISI 316 L (W. nr. 1.4401) stainless steel. The valve is available in both a closed (NC) and an open design (NO).


Magnetic Valves 2/2 Directional Series VDHT Danfoss

The valves are designed for applications in neutral and highly aggressive media to which the materials used for seals and O-rings are suited. Typical media are water, cleaning fluids, neutral and aggressive gases, light heating oil and cooling lubricants.
The valves are used in applications such as car washes, static high-pressure cleaners, mobile cleaning vehicles,  dust-laying systems and CNC machines.


Flow Regulation Valves Danfoss Series VOH Danfoss

The valves regulate the flow and therefore, for example, the speed of an actuator (motor or cylinder). The valves are constructed for common drinking water without any additives, but are also suited to applications which are operated with pneumatics, neutral gases and oil with which the NBR O-ring material is compatible.


Pressure Limiting Valves Danfoss Series VRH Danfoss

The pressure limiting valve protects components in the system from excessive loads as a consequence of peaks in pressure. Furthermore, the valve limits/regulates the system pressure through discharge of surplus water from the pressure side. The valve is developed for normal drinking water, i.e. water without any kind of additives (pursuant to EU Drinking Water Directive 80/778).


Power Pack Valves Danfoss Series VPH Danfoss

The VPH 15 E power pack valve is a multifunctional valve which contains the functions of a pressure limiting valve and a directional valve which is used as a bypass valve and which are integrated into a valve unit in order to reduce costs for connections and piping.
The pressure-limiting function regulates/limits the pressure in the system by draining surplus water current from the pressure side. Thus the system components are protected from excessive load caused by pressure peaks.
The valves are electrically activated ON/OFF valves. Closed (NC) or open (NO) when the coil is currentless.
The VPH 15 E valve is suited to common water, i.e. water without additives. (See EU Directive for Common Water EU 98/83/EC).


Check Valve With Choke Danfoss Series VOCH Danfoss


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