Rotary union

Rotary union / rotary distributor

A rotary union enables the sealed transfer of various fluids, gases, greases or vacuum between a fixed body and a rotating body. In view of the constantly increasing demands on quality and price, HAINZL has acquired a variety of product variants in the evelopment and creation of rotary unions. We are able to produce quickly and economically for both special and serial solutions.

Rotary unions for tool turning tables in injection moulding machines

The high operating times and simultaneous operation of various media with up to 24 channels pose special challenges which are reliably met by our multi-channel rotary unions.

Rotary unions for ladle turrets

The rotary union for ladle turrets from HAINZL is reliable and robust. Thanks to many years of experience with our OEM customers in the field of the steel production industry, we can really make an impact here. High temperatures, adverse conditions and continuous operation – our rotary distributors have been providing services in these conditions for many years all over the world.

High-Speed Rotary Union

The specially designed rotary union enables us to achieve speeds of 1000 r/min and guarantees the highest service life, even in adverse ambient conditions. Higher speeds on request. Our rotary unions can be found in the steel industry, e.g. in the field of coiler application.