Combi Cooler Nissens

Special manufacturing in excellent quality for each product application

Through the years, HAINZL in cooperation with NISSENS has built up extensive know-how to advise our customers in its various industries and applications. Formerly known as specialist, we now want to be one of the leading cooler suppliers. Our reference list in the diesel engine cooler segment includes the most cooler-applications for on- and off-road applications- from heavy forestry machinery and special generators to small forklifts. If our customers need an idea for one of our cooler solutions, we together implement all the ideas in a reliable quality product; because of that, our customers always return to us. We offer our customers an unmitigated design freedom, because our cooler solutions don´t limit the product design of the custom product.


  • Model for rough operation conditions by free choice of air-lamellar
  • Model in suction or pushing
  • Design by thermal pretending
  • Delivery with fan and hydraulic motor
  • Delivery with radiator expansion tank
  • Delivery with temperature-dependent speed control
  • Delivery incl. Cabling
  • Employment in operating machines such as agricultural and construction machinery

Cool package of aluminum for different media in a packet:

  • Water cooled charge air
  • Oil cooler
  • Intercooler
  • Fuel cooler
  • Transmission oil cooler


Heat exchangers

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