HPC Partial Flow Cooling Units

The NNK series is available with the 400 V E motor, and also with a hydraulic motor. The optimum utilisation of the ventilator used was tested in a wind channel.

The oil coolers are soldered aluminium coolers with very high heat transfer between oil and cooling air. This extraordinarily high heat transfer occurs through the soldering of a special turbulator and a high-performance lamella with a large surface.


  • compact cooling package
  • high cooling perfomance
  • low noise level
  • high-performance pump with integrated pressure bypass valve
  • suitable for high oil viscosity
  • high flexibility - i.e. available with:
    special motor
    - 60 Hz
    - special voltage
    galvanised steel components
    Offshore construction


  • thermo-bypass valve
  • thermoswitch
  • other media upon request
  • CE labelling of coolers
  • very quick delivery time
  • filtering


Heat exchangers

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