Water Coolers

with aluminium lamella and fixed pipe bundle

Our products are the result of many years of experience and extensive know-how in fluidic and drive technology. Through standardisation of the individual components, technically high-quality solutions have been achieved at a very good cost-performance ratio. Four different diameters with lengths of up to 4000 mm are available in the standard EKM / SKM series. In accordance with customers' wishes, we manufacture special sizes for special applications. The tank construction coolers were developed for applications in industry and the marine sector.
The following parameters are very helpful for cooler construction: oil infeed temperature, oil volume, oil quality, water infeed temperature, water volume and cooling performance. We would be glad to send you a design based on your parameters. The characteristics of the Hainzl pipe-bundle heat exchangers are a compact and robust design, extremely low pressure loss, high-quality materials and ease of maintenance. 

Further series are:

  • EKM / SKM / UKM / CKM / SCM-FS / CKM-FS tank construction coolers with removable pipe bundle
  • UKTM / FNK tank integration cooler with removable pipe bundle
  • UKCG Oil/Water heat exchangers
  • EDH EHK Electrical ÖIL-Pre-Heater


  • multiplication of the cooling surface
  • compact design
  • low pressure loss
  • integrated measuring points
  • heat output up to 1000kW
  • volume flow up to 1500 l/min


Heat exchangers

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