Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers Soldered

HAINZL plate heat exchangers are a space-saving and cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe-bundle heat exchangers. The heat exchangers offer numerous advantages from compact design and low weight via a broad selection of sizes and services to low investment costs. Plant constructors can also choose from welded or thread connection and standard and high-pressure versions. A further advantage is the high resistance to corrosion. The plate heat exchangers are also available in a 3-directional design for heat pump use.

The comprehensive supply range offers the suitable model for each service, temperature and individual case of application - compactly built, high-performance and durable. 


Pllate Heat Exchangers Bolted

We offer a broad product range of HAINZL bolted plate heat exchangers.

Bolted plate heat exchangers can be used universally and can be optimally designed for each case of application due to their modularity. Due to their special design, bolted plate heat exchangers are very easily extendable and very flexible with regard to the design of the current conduction which is determined by the position of the seals.

The plate heat exchangers are especially suited to the following areas of application:
long-distance heat - water heating - heat recovery - cooling plants - industrial plants - chemistry – food industry.


Heat exchangers

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