Filters development

Filter-Test stand

automotive oil-filters/heat exchangers


  • Burst tests of heat exchangers and filters used in automotive applications
  • Low temperature testing down to a minimum temperature of -40 °C
  • Safe test cell design for bust tests
  • Fully automated test runs and test report generation and storage in the customer database
  • Filtration and Recirculation of test medium
  • Pressure rise according to ISO 4548-6

Technical “Key-Performance”-Parameters

  • Medium: Water/Glykol or hydraulic oil, dependant on test stand type
  • Burst pressure generation from 10 - 250 bar
  • Control of Surroundings-Temperature from -40 - +150 °C
  • Contorl of Medium-Temperature from -40 - + 150°C
  • Control of pressure rise speed from 0,5 – 5 bar/s

Filter-test stand

airfilter for large engines


  • Generation, Measurement and Conditioning of an defined Air Stream for the test Circuit
  • Control of Contamination in the Air Stream by means of an Aerosolgenerator
  • Assembly of test Circuit including control room within an Container suitable for outside setup
  • Control of test stand via remote controls
  • Fully automated test runs for long term testing
  • Integrated water mist firefighting system by company AquaSys

Technical “Key-Performance”-Parameters

  • Test Medium: Air (with controlled contamination)
  • Control of Volumeflow from 10 - 150 m³/h
  • Control of differential pressure from 0 – 5 kPa (abs)
  • Control of medium temperature from 20 – 120 °C
  • Switchover from volume flow to mass flow measurement