HAINZL Hydraulic Calculator App

A user-friendly tool for carrying out basic hydraulic calculations for hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and pipes in metric and imperial units. Further the new Version 2.0 offers a comprehensive unit converter as well as additional calculations for hydraulic cylinders like traction, retraction speed, retraction stroke time, retraction oil flow.

The HAINZL Hydraulic Calculator App is free and available for Android or iOS Smartphones.


Please note our disclaimer regarding the HAINZL Hydraulic Calculator App:

HAINZL grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable, free licence for the installation and use of this app provided that you observe the following terms. This agreement also applies to updates and upgrades to this app.

This app supplies only approximate values and rough estimates based on the parameters entered by the user and the formulae stored in the app. Making a decision regarding whether the app and the underlying formulae are applicable to a particular application is the sole responsibility of the user. The app does not replace, under any circumstances, precise engineering calculations, designs and sizing according to the state of the art science or technology and the statutory requirements of each application.

As this app is provided free of charge, all warranties are excluded. The supplier is not obliged to maintain the functionality or availability of the app or to rectify software defects immediately.

Neither the supplier nor any agent shall be liable for compensation for any material losses in connection with the use of the app in cases of slight negligence or simple gross negligence. There shall be no liability for direct, indirect or other losses arising from the use of or information from the app. This applies in particular to cases of slight and simple gross negligence, except for personal injury. Furthermore, HAINZL will not be liable for losses resulting from the app being insufficiently suitable for a specific purpose or application, for incompleteness, for restoration in terms of time or content, or other circumstances.

No use of personal data is associated with this app.

This app and its contents are legally protected. HAINZL retains all rights, particularly those relating to ownership and all intellectual property rights (copyright). Any further use, in particular duplication and any form of commercial use as well as transfer to third parties - also in parts or in revised form – is prohibited unless authorised by HAINZL.

Austrian substantive law shall apply exclusively with the exception of the relevant provisions on Conflict of Laws.

Any exploitation or further use of information acquired through the app shall be at the sole risk of the user.

Linz, 9.2.2016