Company Policy



The focus of all our activities and processes is on our customers’ requirements. Therefore, we are committed to fulfill the highest possible standards of performance, quality and sustainability for our customers.

We want to be a long-term competent and reliable partner for each of our customers. In this respect, our corporate values, our corporate mission and the strategic goals of our business units guide us.



We rely on competent and responsible employees, to whom we want to offer interesting career development opportunities. Our corporate values, clear objectives, feedback interviews, an open-minded corporate culture as well as health initiatives contribute to a high level of trust and employee satisfaction.

We are committed to provide safe and non-harmful work environments and to prevent, reduce or eliminate negative influences on safety and health at work. The affected employees are involved in these efforts and can actively participate.



We consciously want to broaden those business areas that contribute to environmental care or to healthy and safe environmental and working conditions.

A responsible and sustainable use of resources and a high level of energy efficiency are important to us. Within the scope of our business activities, we are committed to contribute in protecting our environment and to reduce and avoid environmental pollution.



We maintain an integrated management system, which ensures that our activities take into consideration

  • customer requirements & quality
  • work safety & employee health
  • environmental requirements
  • an all binding commitments & conditions.

All employees are involved in the process to ensure continuous improvement of our management system and its components. It is guaranteed that everyone can participate directly and proactively in this advancement.