Burst pressure test stand for type 4 hydrogen tanks

This test stand is used for burst pressure testing of type 4 hydrogen tanks. The test chamber must withstand enormous loads during the burst test. The compact shape of the test stand in container design and the geometry of the test chamber allow easy manipulation of the test specimens by means of a forklift. In addition, the removal of the burst test specimens and the cleaning of the chamber are particularly convenient. Due to its design, the test stand is also mobile and thus correspondingly flexible in its application. The container-shaped enclosure provides weather and noise protection.

Technical data

  • Burst testing of compressed hydrogen tanks ECE R134 & EC 79/2009
  • Compact complete system consisting of bursting chamber, pressure build-up unit, test medium preparation as well as test rig control system
  • Bursting pressure gradient freely selectable
  • Bursting pressure chamber for bursting pressures up to 2000 bar
  • Automated recording of test parameters
  • Automation by means of OCEAN