Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit for Emergency Cable Car Drive - Grünberg

As part of the modernisation of the Grünberg cable car in Gmunden, a complete overhaul of the main and emergency drives was undertaken.

Project description:

  • Two large cabins each with a capacity of 60+1 passengers
  • Operating (incline) length: 2025.46 m
  • Height differential: 550.89 m
  • Diesel engine incl. frame with 129 kW drive power
  • After starting, automatic ramp-up of the diesel engine from idle to full operating speed
  • DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS closed circuit, high pressure variable displacement axial piston pump
    (controlled by a SIEMENS control unit in the driver's cab)
  • Hydraulic joystick for emergency operation in the machine room
  • Open brake circuit pump (as soon as the operating speed of the diesel engine increases due to a lack of
    braking power, the system is automatically and gently brought to a halt by hydraulic means using a proportional pressure limiting valve)
  • REGGIANA RIDUTTORI planetary gearhead in cable car design and DANFOSS POWER SOLUTIONS axial piston fixed displacement motor (engaged in the cable car sprocket during emergency operation)
  • The new Grünberg cable car entered public operation on 14/06/2014