Health Centre Herrenstraße, Linz

A medical and health centre was built at Herrenstraße 54-56 in Linz, which is directly connected to the hospital of the " Sisters of Mercy " by a barrier-free bridge.  This multi-storey new building offers medical facilities for doctors, therapists and psychologists, an outpatient clinic for oncological and orthopaedic rehabilitation, a seminar centre and a vital bistro. The health centre scores points with its varied medical offer with short distances, central organisation and exchange of information between the different treatment areas as well as the immediate neighbourhood to the emergency hospital.

HAINZL building technology was responsible for the entire electrical engineering in this building complex. Specifically, this includes the complete low-voltage distribution, the heavy and light current installations, the LAN cabling (network technology). Furthermore, the entire lighting technology including emergency lighting, media technology, the light call system, the CO warning system, a barrier system including oncoming traffic control and the entire MSR cabling of the building services as well as all earthing and lightning protection measures were delivered and installed. In addition, a fire alarm system, an access control system and a video surveillance system are installed.

Construction period: 07.2018 - 05.2020
Order volume: EUR 2,400,000 excluding VAT

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